Czech Bathrooms

Hey there and welcome back to czechgaytoilets! We returned with more hot Czech guys flashing their dicks while peeing in a public bathroom. The same routine, the guys go to the bathroom without knowing that they have three cameras on them. This one didn’t know either although he was the most curious about that black dot in the toilet bowl, but he gave up before looking too much into it. We were curious to see this one in the stall, from all his friends he was the most interesting one. What got our eye, was that he seemed pretty shy, compared to the rest of the table. He barely spoke and keep his nose on his phone the entire time.

There weren’t too many people in the pub so we kept him under our supervision. The guy had a couple of beers with his buds and then went to pee. He was the only one in the bathroom, so he took his time and didn’t hurry at all. He was wearing a black tee, green pants, and some black sneakers. Once he closed the door after him, he unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants and started peeing. We got enough time to take as many pictures as we wanted and we have some really nice ones for you guys. As you know these Czech bathrooms are filled by hot guys, so stay tuned!

Watch here this straight guy getting caught on camera!