Czech Guy Peeing

As promised we returned with one of the best¬†Czech gay toilets updates. As you saw there isn’t a lot of action in the bathroom stalls, but this guy changed it all. He is the first one watching porn while peeing. He seemed pretty sleazy since we first saw him entering the pub. He made sure to make a comment to every chick that passed his table. He started with some nice comments but as the time passed he got dirtier and dirtier. Right when we were about to ask him to leave the pub he went to the bathroom. After making so much noise at least we got something from it.

He entered in the stall and after unzipping his pants, besides his dick, he took off the phone too. At first, we thought that he wanted to call someone, although it seems a pretty weird place to call some, especially while peeing. The guy started looking for porn, he took his time and finally found a nice blowjob video that he enjoyed. This was the first time we caught someone doing something like this in these bathroom stalls. Luckily with the ceiling camera, we got to see what he was looking at and got a really good look at it. We understand that he didn’t want to get bored while peeing but this is a bit weird. Check him out below in the czechgaytoilets scene!


See this straight guy watching porn while peeing!