Czech Gay Toilets Video

Hey there! Today is your lucky day because we got a Czech gay toilets video for you guys. We have another guy that can’t keep his hands to himself and goes to the bathroom to jerk off his dick. Most of the guys go in there to pee but this one had a different agenda. Since we saw him entering the bathroom we knew that was up to something. It was a bit weird and he just stayed there for over fifteen minutes until the bathroom was completely empty. He went into a stall without having any idea about all the cameras that are in there.

Once he entered he took off his pants and pulled his phone out his pocket, just like the guy in the previous update. Except that this one spends the entire time in the bathroom stall jerking off his dick while watching some porn. We couldn’t tell what he was watching because he kept his phone pretty close to him and we didn’t get a clean shoot at it, but that’s the least important thing. Now we understand why he spent so much time waiting for everyone to leave, apparently, he couldn’t keep it in his pants until he got home. This is a hell of a video and besides this guy, you can also see a lot of other guys too. Enjoy it and make sure you check out the czechgaytoilets video below. See you guys next time!

Watch here this guy jerking off his dick in the bathroom stall!

Czech Guy Peeing

As promised we returned with one of the best Czech gay toilets updates. As you saw there isn’t a lot of action in the bathroom stalls, but this guy changed it all. He is the first one watching porn while peeing. He seemed pretty sleazy since we first saw him entering the pub. He made sure to make a comment to every chick that passed his table. He started with some nice comments but as the time passed he got dirtier and dirtier. Right when we were about to ask him to leave the pub he went to the bathroom. After making so much noise at least we got something from it.

He entered in the stall and after unzipping his pants, besides his dick, he took off the phone too. At first, we thought that he wanted to call someone, although it seems a pretty weird place to call some, especially while peeing. The guy started looking for porn, he took his time and finally found a nice blowjob video that he enjoyed. This was the first time we caught someone doing something like this in these bathroom stalls. Luckily with the ceiling camera, we got to see what he was looking at and got a really good look at it. We understand that he didn’t want to get bored while peeing but this is a bit weird. Check him out below in the czechgaytoilets scene!


See this straight guy watching porn while peeing!

Czech Bathrooms

Hey there and welcome back to czechgaytoilets! We returned with more hot Czech guys flashing their dicks while peeing in a public bathroom. The same routine, the guys go to the bathroom without knowing that they have three cameras on them. This one didn’t know either although he was the most curious about that black dot in the toilet bowl, but he gave up before looking too much into it. We were curious to see this one in the stall, from all his friends he was the most interesting one. What got our eye, was that he seemed pretty shy, compared to the rest of the table. He barely spoke and keep his nose on his phone the entire time.

There weren’t too many people in the pub so we kept him under our supervision. The guy had a couple of beers with his buds and then went to pee. He was the only one in the bathroom, so he took his time and didn’t hurry at all. He was wearing a black tee, green pants, and some black sneakers. Once he closed the door after him, he unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants and started peeing. We got enough time to take as many pictures as we wanted and we have some really nice ones for you guys. As you know these Czech bathrooms are filled by hot guys, so stay tuned!

Watch here this straight guy getting caught on camera!

Free Czech Gay Toilets

We have another free Czech gay toilets update for you guys. We caught another guy peeing using our extremely well-hidden cameras. The guy came around pretty often and from what we heard he lives in this neighborhood. But although he came so many times to the pub we never got to see his dick. Each time he stayed for a bit and leave with all of his friends and even if his friends stayed he would still leave. We don’t think that we saw him having two drinks in our pub. We were getting more and more curious about him so we find a way to convince him to stay a bit longer.

We had guy’s night last Friday, which meant that for each beer bought you would receiving a free one. There was a game on the TV so the bar was packed. Our guy appeared too, a bit later that his friends, but we knew that he wasn’t going to turn off free beers. He didn’t seem to have a lot of money in his pockets. After drinking so much he had to go to the bathroom and we finally caught him peeing using our cameras. He wasn’t shy at all, once he entered the stall he didn’t even bother to close the door after him. See him in the updates below and until next time make sure you check out some of the older one too!

See this guys getting caught on cam while peeing!

Guy Peeing

We got another hot guy getting caught by our hidden cameras while peeing. We noticed him since we saw him walking in the pub joined by some of his friends. The guys were in a very good mood, they were in to see the game and of course had a lot to drink. After so many drinks we couldn’t wait to see him go to the bathroom. The czechgaytoilets cameras were rolling ready to see more action. The bar was filled with guys because of the game so he had to wait a bit in line until one of the stalls freed up.

When it finally was his turn he took his time, which worked out perfectly for us because we got all the time to record him peeing. Like most of the guys he looked straight in the hidden camera and didn’t say it. He took them one by one, he first looked in the toilet bowl one, then at the one in the wall in front of him and he even looked at the one in the ceiling. This guy didn’t have even the slightest idea that all three cameras were filming him in action. We got some really good footage with him peeing and of course, you’ll get to see his dick too. He didn’t disappoint us and we’re sure that you guys are going to like him too as much as we did. See you next time with more hidden camera footage!

Enjoy watching this guy peeing in a public bathroom!

Gay Toilets

In this Czech gay toilets update, we have a younger guy getting caught peeing by our hidden cameras. Like anyone that used our bathroom, he didn’t have any clue about all the hidden cameras that are in there. Everyone was talking about our pub so we had a lot of customers all day long. We have a lot of hot guys daily so it’s really hard for us to pick just one. But you already know that they have to impress us in the bathroom stall too.

Last night we had a couple of guys that were interesting but this one is the best by far that we saw this entire week. Besides the show he gave us in the bathroom while peeing, he was very active at the table too. He was there with his boyfriend and they couldn’t keep their hands to each other. When they finally cooled off for a bit he went to the bathroom to pee. The front camera, the one in the bowl, really paid off because we got some amazing scenes to share with you guys. The guy pulled down his pants, grabbed his dick and started peeing, even hitting the camera a couple of times. Below you have just a little preview, but you can check out the entire scene with just one click. See you next time with more guys flashing their dicks in the bathroom stalls. Enjoy it!


Take a look at this guy caught peeing!

Czech Toilets

Another hot update from the czechgaytoilets is here. This time we have an older guy joining the club. We saw him a couple of time around but he never caught our eye like he did this night. We guess they were right when they said that men get better with age. We had half of the pub filled with younger guys, but we couldn’t stop staring at this one. He was enjoying a nice evening with some of his co-workers, each time we passed by the table they were talking about their jobs. He was a bit older that our usual guys but he surprised us in the best way possible.

From all the guys that we caught on camera, he is the best one to watch. After a hard week at work, the guys deserved some relaxation so they had a few beers. Everyone knows how often you have to go to the bathroom after you drink beer, so he went two or three times. He gave us a lot of footage, each time he went in and were lucky enough to catch him with all the three cameras. The one in the toilet bowl was the most useful one, but we got some good shots from the one above the stall and from the one in the wall too. Make sure you check him out peeing in the scene below and don’t forget to get back for more hot updates!

Watch here this older guy peeing in a public bathroom!

Straight Guy Peeing

We have another cute straight guy joining our Czech gay toilets club, without knowing of course. We got another cute one to show you guys, well not all of him just the important parts. We were lucky enough to catch him going to the bathroom and got a really good look at his junk. He was pretty hammered when he entered the pub and at first, we wanted to kick him out but after a closer look we let him stay with all of his friends. He was all talk around the table bragging about all the women he’s been with so we got a bit curious to see with what he’s working. For someone with his rich mouth, the expectations were high.

Like we said earlier he was already drunk so after just one sip he was already in line at the bathroom. On his way over he made sure to hit on every girl that passed by him. Once it was his turn we got to see his junk and he’s doing ok, not as well as he tells everyone but hey everyone exaggerates from time to time. Make sure you check him out in the juicy update below and until next time you can check out some of the older posts too because we have some really hot guys peeing in them too.

See this guy getting caught on camera while peeing!

Czech Gay Toilets Action

Another hot guy entered in the pub and you know what that means. More Czech gay toilets action for all of us! He came there with a couple of friends to watch the game. He was so cute and had a great body and that made us curious about his junk. Well, he managed somehow to send him to the bathroom and saw his dick while he was peeing. They ordered a lot of drinks for the table, but he was the only one there not drinking. All of his friends went to the bathroom twice and he’s still sitting there taking a sip from time to time. We had to do something so we thought some drinks on the house might do the trick and get him to do to the bathroom.

It would’ve been disrespectful to turn down our drinks so he drank them. Needless to say that five minutes after that he was in line in the bathroom. He had to go so bad that after a stall freed up he completely forgot to close the door after him. So the entire bathroom had a good look at his junk. Although he thought that he’s straight, he surprised us because while being in the bathroom he was pretty busy checking out guys. That was a really nice surprise! Anyway, check him out in the episode below and let us know what you think about it. Enjoy it!

Check out this guy peeing with the door open!

Hot Guy Peeing

We have another hot guy caught peeing with our hidden cam from the bathroom stall. We made sure we hid the cameras really well so no one will see them. We saw this guy when he entered the pub and we were really curious to see his junk and he delivered. After all those many drinks he had with his friends we knew he had to go to the bathroom. When he entered the bathroom it was full so he had to wait for a bit until a stall freed up and like everyone else.

When he entered he looked straight in the camera and couldn’t see it. He made sure the door was closed and unbuckled his belt and minded his own business. We were nervous for a bit because the entire time he was peeing, he kept looking around. The czechgaytoilets cameras are well hidden but you never know when someone actually sees them. Luckily for us, this wasn’t the case today and we got to see this guy’s dick while he was peeing. It took him a while so we had enough time to shoot him and get some really great footage for you guys. We’re sure that you guys will appreciate it as much as we did. There were a few guys today but this one caught our eye, so we decided to share it with you guys. So enjoy the episode below and let us know what you think about it. This was all for today but stay tuned for more great updates, we have so much more to share with you guys!

Enjoy watching this hot Czech guy pissing!

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