Gay Toilets

In this Czech gay toilets update, we have a younger guy getting caught peeing by our hidden cameras. Like anyone that used our bathroom, he didn’t have any clue about all the hidden cameras that are in there. Everyone was talking about our pub so we had a lot of customers all day long. We have a lot of hot guys daily so it’s really hard for us to pick just one. But you already know that they have to impress us in the bathroom stall too.

Last night we had a couple of guys that were interesting but this one is the best by far that we saw this entire week. Besides the show he gave us in the bathroom while peeing, he was very active at the table too. He was there with his boyfriend and they couldn’t keep their hands to each other. When they finally cooled off for a bit he went to the bathroom to pee. The front camera, the one in the bowl, really paid off because we got some amazing scenes to share with you guys. The guy pulled down his pants, grabbed his dick and started peeing, even hitting the camera a couple of times. Below you have just a little preview, but you can check out the entire scene with just one click. See you next time with more guys flashing their dicks in the bathroom stalls. Enjoy it!


Take a look at this guy caught peeing!