Czech Gay Toilets Action

Another hot guy entered in the pub and you know what that means. More Czech gay toilets action for all of us! He came there with a couple of friends to watch the game. He was so cute and had a great body and that made us curious about his junk. Well, he managed somehow to send him to the bathroom and saw his dick while he was peeing. They ordered a lot of drinks for the table, but he was the only one there not drinking. All of his friends went to the bathroom twice and he’s still sitting there taking a sip from time to time. We had to do something so we thought some drinks on the house might do the trick and get him to do to the bathroom.

It would’ve been disrespectful to turn down our drinks so he drank them. Needless to say that five minutes after that he was in line in the bathroom. He had to go so bad that after a stall freed up he completely forgot to close the door after him. So the entire bathroom had a good look at his junk. Although he thought that he’s straight, he surprised us because while being in the bathroom he was pretty busy checking out guys. That was a really nice surprise! Anyway, check him out in the episode below and let us know what you think about it. Enjoy it!

Check out this guy peeing with the door open!