Czech Gay Toilets Video

Hey there! Today is your lucky day because we got a Czech gay toilets video for you guys. We have another guy that can’t keep his hands to himself and goes to the bathroom to jerk off his dick. Most of the guys go in there to pee but this one had a different agenda. Since we saw him entering the bathroom we knew that was up to something. It was a bit weird and he just stayed there for over fifteen minutes until the bathroom was completely empty. He went into a stall without having any idea about all the cameras that are in there.

Once he entered he took off his pants and pulled his phone out his pocket, just like the guy in the previous update. Except that this one spends the entire time in the bathroom stall jerking off his dick while watching some porn. We couldn’t tell what he was watching because he kept his phone pretty close to him and we didn’t get a clean shoot at it, but that’s the least important thing. Now we understand why he spent so much time waiting for everyone to leave, apparently, he couldn’t keep it in his pants until he got home. This is a hell of a video and besides this guy, you can also see a lot of other guys too. Enjoy it and make sure you check out the czechgaytoilets video below. See you guys next time!

Watch here this guy jerking off his dick in the bathroom stall!