Czech Gay Toilets – Hidden Cam

Hey there and welcome to Czech gay toilets! This is the only place where you can see hot amateur guys pissing using hidden cameras all around the bathroom. There are three cameras there, one is placed in the toilet bowl, one is above the bowl and the other is on the wall. We covered every inch of that bathroom stall. We can finally see what guys do when they go to the bathroom and everything is uncensored. This is amazing! This is something you have to see and you will want to see. So get used to never seen before footage.

In today’s update, we have this cute guy that went out with some of his buddies and came to our pub. After drinking a few beers he went to the bathroom, entered in the first stall and did his job. The cameras are so well hidden that he didn’t suspect a thing. When he entered the bathroom stall, he looked straight at the camera and didn’t see it! He got in, closed the door after him, unzipped his pants and started peeing. We have some great shoot from out bowl camera and also some great close ups using the rest of the cameras. Hope you guys will enjoy it as much as we did and don’t forget to get back for more steamy updates. See you guys next time!

See this guy pissing in a public bathroom!